Dekon ceiling concealed type fan coil units

Our fans are made by international professional fan manufacture with stable quality and reliable character with routine dynamic balance precise debug. Fan runs stably and quietly.
2、Water collection tray  
Tensile plate with high-grade, smooth surface spray, corrosion resistance, anti-rust;
One-time stamping molding process, without weld or solder joint;
Adopt the overall thermal insulation,in order to avoid secondary condensate drip tray;
Two-way diversion mouth slope shape design, condensate water speed, reduce the water remain inside thr tray, effectively reduce the rate of bacterial growth; large 
condensate tray designed to eliminate surface cooler and access to water dripping outside the interface of the phenomenon of condensation

3、Heat exchanger 
Hydrophilic aluminum  fin to wear high quality copper tube,high heat exchanging efficiency,large heat exchanging area,low pressure dropping,large cooling and heating capacity.
High quality material copper can support big water pressure.

4、Air return box is optional, which can ease installation,reducing construction cost
5、Integrated models      
Air volume from 340  to 2380m3/h,include 9 models and also  different static pressure type;
6、High efficency      
Adopt good quality heat exchanger and fan, which is benifit to the heat exchanging capacity and efficiency
7、Symmetrical design, easy installation
Symmetrical design, it is easy to change the unit from left(right)water tube connection to right(left) connection