Cassette Air Conditioning Systems

There are various types of Cassette air conditioning system that are suitable for domestic and commercial properties of all sizes. To get the best advice about the system that suits your purposes and budget, contact us.

Cassette air conditioning is, in fact, one of the 'cleverest' forms of air conditioning as ceiling mounted cassettes – mounted in a ceiling void so that only a fascia flush with the existing ceiling is visible – do not compromise wall or floor space but, nevertheless, allows optimum air flow in four different directions. Ceiling mounted cassettes are integrated perfectly into the ceiling, which enables you to keep all the available space for your furniture, equipment and decoration.

Cassette air conditioning units feature an internal block – typically 600mm x 600mm, or so, in surface area – which is installed into a hung or suspended ceiling. The internal unit incorporates a cooling element, or coil, containing a refrigerant which cools and dehumidifies warm air from a room. The refrigerant carries heat away to a “condenser” and “compressor” unit – located outside the building – and conditioned air is circulated back into the room. Advanced fan technology and directional flaps allow air to be distributed around a room in 2, 3, or 4 different directions so a single cassette – provided that it is sufficiently powerful – can be used to condition the air in a fairly large room or area.

• Leaves maximum floor and wall space for furniture, decoration and fittings
• Fits flush into each ceiling
• Can be installed in both new and existing buildings
• Extremely quiet in operation both indoors and outdoors
• Air can be discharged in any of eight directions
• Possibility to shut off one or two flaps for easy installation in corners
• Air flow distribution for ceiling heights up to 4.2m without loss of capacity

Model No. 12k 18k 24k 36k 42K 48K 60K
Cooling capacity Btu/h 12000 18000 24000 36000 42000 48000 60000
Heating capacity Btu/h 13000 19000 26000 38000 43000 52000 61500
Electrical Data              
Power supply 220V/50Hz/1PH 220V/50Hz/1PH 220V/50Hz/1PH 380V/50Hz/3PH 380V/50Hz/3PH 380V/50Hz/3PH 380V/50Hz/3PH
Current Cooling A 5.9 8.8 11.8 5.8 6.4 7.4 10.9
Heating A 5.9 8.8 11.8 5.9 6.4 7.4 10.9
Power input Cooling W 1250 1920 2500 3800 4200 4900 6500
Heating W 1250 1920 2500 3900 4200 4900 6500
Noise Indoor dB(A) 34 38 38 40 42 44 49
Outdoor dB(A) 50 56 56 58 60 60 60
Refrigerant coupling R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A
Connecting Pipe Liquid mm φ6.35 φ6.35 φ9.52 φ9.52 φ9.52 φ9.52 φ9.52
Gas mm  φ9.52 φ12.7