Ducted Air Conditioning For The Home

A ducted air conditioning system will bring great levels of temperature comfort throughout your home or business all year long. Our range of Ducted air conditioning systems provide comfort to new and existing homes.

The ducted air conditioning system is powered by a compressor that is installed outside the home. The Ducted air conditioning indoor unit can be conveniently located in the ceiling or under the floor. The conditioned air is distributed through the home via ductwork which leads to vents where the conditioned air controls the climate of the individual rooms.

Dekon ducted systems can be designed to operate in two or more zones, which can be heated or cooled at different times.

This means you can operate your air conditioning system in the living area during the day and in the bedrooms at night saving you money on energy costs.

Model No. 24k 36k 48K 60K
Type DDU-70NW DDU-100NW DDU-140NW DDU-170NW
Cooling capacity Btu/h 24000 36000 48000 60000
Electrical Data        
Power supply 220V/60Hz/1PH 220V/60Hz/1PH 220V/60Hz/1PH 220V/60Hz/1PH
Current Cooling A 11.8 18.0 23.2 29.4
Power input Cooling W 2500 3800 4900 6200
Noise Indoor dB(A) 43 45 50 50
Outdoor dB(A) 56 58 60 60
Refrigerant coupling R22 R22 R22 R22
Connecting Pipe Liquid mm φ9.52 φ9.52 φ9.52 φ9.52
Gas mm  φ15.88 φ19.05 φ19.05 φ19.05
Suitable area m2 35~50 35~60 70~100 80~100
Net dimensions                       (W x H x D) Indoor(main) mm 1290*572*240 1290*572*240 1600*572*240 1600*572*240
Outdoor mm 865*310*710 930*350*920 910×340×1080 910*340*1330
Packing dimensions               (W x H x D) Indoor(main) mm 1405*595*265 1405*595*265 1715*595*265 1715*595*265
Outdoor mm 1025*395*790 1105*435*1120 1080×440×1240 1080*440*1490