Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Capacity from 107KW up to 4600KW

DEKON produced Water Cooled Screw Chiller,using the world famous brand compressor, makes water as carrier agent to get the cold or hot water then send to the endusers,its super high energy efficiency makes it well adopted worldwide.

Environmental friendly:

No consumption of coal, gas and oil and no boiler system, the unit operates without air pollution created by burning procedure when providing heating. No cooling tower which could creat cooling tower noise and bacterium pollution, the unit operates without any waste junk, waste water, waste gas or waste smoke, and keeps the environment cleaner when providing cooling.


Because the unit takes advantage of low-level energy source such as underground water, river water, lake water, sea water, and even waste water to creat high-level energy through evaporative-compressed refrigerant circuit, so the unit has higher cost-profit features by 15~20% against the traditional equipments.


Though the unit makes use of water to creat energy, but it does neither consume water, nor pollute water when heating operation or cooling operation.

Good parts:

Advanced and high quality semi-hermetic screw type compressors and other reliable world-famous parts are used for the units. Multi-protection functions in the units could keep high reliability when unit operates. The unit also has remote control function.

Large range for choice:

These appliances could be divided three series according to compressor quantity: single compressor(cooling capacity: 120-870KW); double compressors( cooling capacity:380-1740KW); four compressors(1280-3480KW)

Low noise and vibration:

The good features of screw compressor and rubber mats used in the unit could reduce the noise and vibration greatly when unit operates.

Unit testing and installation:

All units are tested strictly in factory and all protection parameters are pre-set.The units could operate after power supply and water connection and refrigerant charged.