What is VRF? Energy saving, environmental system?

Variable refrigerant flow system (VRF) also known as variable refrigerant volume system(VRV).
And Dekon VRF system named - DRV. 

DRV system consists of a number of different type of indoor units/air handling units (possibly up to 40) connected to a modular external outdoor units/condensing units.

The refrigerant flow is varied using either an inverter controlled variable speed compressor, or multiple compressors of varying capacity in response to changes in the cooling or heating requirement within the air conditioned space.

Advantages for DRV system:

1. Environmental and healthy
A. DC inverter module uses of R410A refrigerant, non destruction to the ozone layer, energy saving, environmental protection and pollution-free;
B. All materials of DC inverter module comply with RoHS environmental directive.
2. Reliable and durable
Adopted Hitachi compressors, efficient, reliable, frequency and fully verified.

3. High efficiency and energy saving
A. DC inverter module uses Hitachi high-performance high efficiency compressor;
B. DC inverter module uses advanced output capacity control technology, according to the indoor, outdoor temperature and load of indoor unit, automaticallyadjust system output capacity, so that indoor can remain in a stable and comfortable temperature, reaching high efficiency and energy saving effect;
C. In cooling mode, EER can achieve up to 4.18, with average EER 3.55;
D. In heating mode, COP can achieve up to 4.37, with average COP 3.96;

4. Long piping design
Maximum length of pipeline up to 150 meters, the max. Height difference between indoor and outdoor unit up to 50 meters, widely use;

5. Wide operation temperature
Cooling operation temperature: 0 0C ~ 47 0C
Heating operation temperature: -15 0C ~ 28 0C

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